Bongiovi is pioneering the use of audio data as a diagnostic tool in medicine; delivering deeply immersive speaker-less audio technology for aviation; and providing profound VR/AR experiences via our V3D spatial sound application.

Bongiovi DPS is a patented algorithm that optimizes audio in real time.

Bongiovi Digital Power Station – DPS - is a patented algorithm that can be configured via a system of Profiles to work with specific hardware or systems in any environment. DPS is an innovative and powerful tool that has endless applications, and it can save lives.

DPS is the audio solution for the digital age.

DPS technology restores dynamics, harmonics and frequency response lost to compression/streaming, allowing hardware to work at peak performance for a truly immersive audio experience with greater depth, directionality, power and stereo imaging.


We use our DPS technology across
three main sectors:

DPS can be adapted to solve hearing and communication problems in the hostile noise environments of Aviation, Automotive, and Marine.

Bongiovi Medical

Bongiovi Medical & Health Technology is pioneering the use of sound in medicine via the use of Medical Digital Power Station – FDA Listed MDPS technology.  Bongiovi Medical focuses on better outcomes, reduced healthcare costs and innovative diagnostic solutions.

Bongiovi Consumer

From Tv’s, soundbars, and small speakers to the latest in virtual surround sound for gaming headphones, DPS can be implemented into any consumer audio product.

We Are Solutionists

Reducing Healthcare Costs
Flightdeck View
Improving Voice Intelligibility
Enhancing Safety